Thomas F&C Osler

Thomas Osler in partnership with William Shakespeare formed the company F&C Osler of Birmingham they start out manufacturing glass toys and doll eyes in 1807, by 1810 the company had start make chandelier drops and a catalogue was issued in 1812 titled Outlines and Prices of drops, manufacturing all types of chandelier furniture in Glass.
The Partnership was joined in 1831 by Abraham Follet Osler, son of Thomas who brought renewed vigour to the enterprise.
The business moved to Board Street Birmingham where engine power was introduced greatly extended original designs with showrooms in 44 Oxford Street London by 1845 and connections with India been made with showrooms in Calcutta the firm expanded on a global scale.
The company supplying a massive Crystal fountain as the centrepiece for the Great Exhibition in 1851 the quality of the crystal and metalwork is outstanding the company making a remarkable series of crystal furniture with many original drawings and catalogue of these designs are still held in museums around the world.
F&C Osler was the greatest 19th century manufactures of crystal lighting and table glass but by the early 20th century and the interjection of electric light fitting and a decline for the more elaborate pieces the company started making various smaller ceiling lights and fittings made entirely of metal.
This requirement for metalwork coincided nicely with the opportunity to purchase Faraday & Son Ltd in 1919. Found by Robert Faraday, older brother of famous English scientist Michael Faraday, the company specialised in metalwork reproductions.
Osler & Faraday had showrooms in London as well as opening new showrooms in Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast and Cardiff thought the 1920s.
The company ceased trading on 30th June 1965 after 158 years.