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The shaft centred by a two piece pineapple urn this surmounted by baluster shaped shaft piece and cascading drop hung van dyke canopy the chandelier terminating with raised diamond cut and pillared pineapple.
The corresponding container with internal arm plate this supporting twelve upper arms with van dyke canopies and triangular spires these alternated with notched cut candle arms these surmounted by van dyke drip pan and candle nozzles the chandelier profusely draped with half back round and pear shaped drops.


English Circa 1790


Height 92 in (233.5cm)


Width 44 in (111.5cm)


Chandeliers of this elaborate size and quality are exceptional rare with only a handful of examples in existence.


Similar examples

Kingston Lacy, Dorset
Arbury Hall, Nuneaton
Harewood House, Yorkshire


Private collection Ireland


William Parker is without doubt one of the most luminous names in the history of English chandelier making, he is credited with the introduction of neo classical elements into chandelier design. Parker operated out of Fleet Street from 1762, his first attributable work was commissioned by the Furnishing Committee of the New Assembly rooms, Bath, in 1771. His work for the assembly rooms was celebrated enough at the time to be satirised by Thomas Rowlandson, according to Martin Mortimer 'Parker was the man of the moment, competent reliable fashionable. He provided the most splendid suite of chandeliers in the country at that for one of the most fashionable centres.' Parker's renown was only to grow: he was commissioned to provide chandeliers for the Guildhall in bath in 1778; in 1782 he supplied a pair of twelve light chandeliers to the 5thDuke of Devonshire for Chatsworth amongst other lighting; from 1783 to 1787 he furnished Carlton House for the Prince of Wales and his creations also adorned the White Drawing Room at Houghton Hall and the home of William Beckford during his exile in Lisbon.


The old trade card of William Parker is courtesy of the British Museum.


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