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Restoration is at the heart of Fileman Antiques with a wealth of knowledge passed down through the generations. We are considered one of the worlds leading specialists in English cut glass antique lighting.

The in house team use traditional methods to maintain authenticity and quality. Our approach is transparent, restoring antiques back to their former glory for future generations.

All stock on our website has been fully restored by ourselves and a full list of repairs is available on request.

Glass Restoration

It is inevitable that after so many years of existence elements become chipped or damaged, this is part of the history of the piece. We will always endeavour to repair an old component rather than having a replacement made.

We hold a vast stock of antique lighting parts, this enables us to ensure that all our lighting fixtures have the correct period components where possible.


With modern methods many glass repairs can seem to be invisible but with most chips it is necessary to either reduce the item or it may be possible to fill with a clear resin.

In some cases however when a component is missing or beyond repair we do have to replicate a piece. Our skilled glass cutters can reproduce the most complex pieces to original patterns, maintaining the same quality of cutting and finishing.


Refurbishment of metalwork is sometimes necessary where parts are worn or damaged. Our metalwork department can replicate turnings, spinnings and cast missing parts as well as repairing broken pieces.

We can re-create many different metal finishes including gilding, silvering, gilt lacquer and bronzing. If an antique finish is required we can also colour match to any sample.


Chandelier Cleaning

We offer a discreet service throughout the UK tailored to your needs, we also have frequent trips to the USA and Europe. Most of our cleaning will be carried out on site, this would involve dismantling, cleaning and reassembling of your pieces. We do not spray clean as this creates damage to metalwork and the electrical components and leaves a film which actually attracts more dust. Some items may require a more in-depth clean and would need to be removed to our workshops. This is normally the case when specialised metalwork cleaning or any major restoration is required.


With a range of specialist lamps, candles and cables all aspects of rewiring are undertaken to current standards

Great care is taken with electrification as this is so often when components have become damaged in the past. We do not drill unnecessary holes in glass and metal we always surface wire.


Installation and shipping

We also offer a worldwide shipping and installation service for chandeliers purchased or restored by us.

It is essential that chandeliers are disassembled and packed correctly for shipping overseas. We can provide detailed instructions for assembly or can attend to assemble them in person should you require.

Virtual Room Settings

If you can’t quite visualise an item in your property or project, simply send us an image of the room with dimensions and with the powers of modern technology we can digitally place any item into your chosen location so you can get a general feel of how it would look in-situ.