REF: FA763


An extremely rare pair of George II cut glass chandeliers. The double sphere baluster shaft cut with shallow relief diamonds and flat cutting above brass receiver plates, issuing eight notch cut scroll arms with candle tubes supporting flat cut slip over drip pans with concave rim. The receiver plate fitted with diamond cut container and lower stem terminating with a faceted finial.

Chandeliers of this date are extremely rare with very few examples existing, they are some of the earliest examples of English cut glass chandeliers.

The chandeliers are almost identical in design to that of Maydwell & Windles trade card. They are first registered in 1751 at The Kings Arms, against Norfolk-Street in the Strand, London.

  • Height 115.5 cm / 45 "
  • Width 104 cm / 41"
  • Period 1750-1799
  • Year 1750
  • Country England
  • Style George II
  • Provenance Castle Bronckhorst
  • Literature Plate 59 The English glass chandelier shows a chandelier of similar simple form but of a smaller scale.
  • Collections The trade card is courtesy of the British Museum
  • Condition Two candle tubes with repairs 5 later pans 2 later arms Two spikes repaired on one pan.