The slender baluster shaped shaft divided by drop hung canopies. The unusual shallow candle arms are interspersed with others, shorter, surmounted with pagoda canopies, triangular notched spires these surmounted with canopies and star finials. In addition the drop hung canopies are swags cut of solid glass these hung with pear-shaped drops. These swags unique to Christopher Haedy designs of chandelier, candelabra and wall-light.

English Circa 1770

Height 50in (127cm)


Width 38in (91.5cm) 

Christopher Haedy the London based glass cutter who had premises at Clement's Inn near Temple Bar. Haedy was a frequent advertiser in the Bath Chronicle amongst other provincial journals, appearing first it seems in 1776. C. and D. Haedy were at 287 Strand from 1778.

They were successors at these premises to Maydwell and Windle and became Haedy and Lafount in 1804 Haedy and Lafount occur at this address in the London directories from 1804-1810 (Heal collection trade card British Museum.
For additional information please see Chapter 7 The English Glass Chandelier By Martin Mortimer.


The trade card of Haedy and La fount is courtesy of the British Museum.


Chandeliers of this eccentric design are exceptionally rare with only a hand full of examples surviving.

For examples of Christopher Haedy Chandeliers, and Candelabra please see information below.

Two chandeliers at Uppark West Sussex supplied to Sir Matthew Featherstonhaugh shortly before his death in 1774 these chandeliers one of eight lights in the Red Drawing Room, and the other of six in the Little Parlour. These chandeliers and a pair of candelabra were badly damaged in a fire at Uppark in 1989. See Plate 37 page 91 The English Glass Chandelier by Martin Mortimer.

Another example at Warwick Castle (The central chandelier in the Cedar Drawing Room set about with four later copies)

Alnwick Castle Northumberland, formerly at Northumberland House Strand London and later at Albury Sussex.

A pair in the Library at Badminton Gloucestershire see (Colour plate 4 page 13) The English Glass Chandelier by Martin Mortimer.

The Tapestry Room Goodwood House West Sussex.

The example at Clandon Park Surrey We fear has been completely destroyed in the recent fire.

Two pairs of Candelabra of eccentric form from the Earl of Bismarck collection with Jeremy Ltd / Fileman Antiques Ltd now in a Private New York Collection.

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