Fileman antiques are able to offer a comprehensive restoration service because we have over 100 years of experience with antique lighting.We can offer a skilled service to the highest standard,to include the following.




This involves replacing the pins in the drops and drapery.




This involves resetting of the component parts with plaster.




This involves re-wiring to current standards with a choice of Specialist lamps and candles.




All aspects of metal work are undertaken from brazing repairs, brass turning, casting, gilding, silvering, polishing and lacquering.




With modern methods many glass repairs can seem to be invisible but with most chips it is necessary to reduce the item, in some cases it is possible to fill the glass with a clear adhesive. Glass cutting is also undertaken where broken components need to be replaced.




Most of our cleaning will be carried out on site, this would involve dismantling and reassembling of your pieces components, We do not spray clean as this can cause damage to metalwork and the electrical components and leaves a film which attracts more dust. Some items may require a more in-depth clean and would need to be removed to our workshops. This is normally the case when specialized metalwork cleaning or if any major restoration is required.



  Chandelier Drops